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Star Staff Directory


Name Position Email
Dr. Joe Wood Executive Director
Amy Kahler Principal- Star Academy
Franchesca Donato Associate Principal- Star Academy
Dr. Addie Ellis Student Services Director
Laura Bariel Teaching and Learning Director
Dr. Ronda Rufsvold Special Education Program Specialist
Anita Schwab Finance & Budget Director


Special Education Services

Name Position Email Website
Giselle Nobleza Education Specialist Website
Bailey Mannisto-Iches School Psychologist Website
Savannah Fisch Speech Language Website
Molly Smith Occupational Therapist Website


Name Position Email Website
Caroline Hines Social Emotional Counselor Website


Front Office Staff

Name Position Email
Cindy Helmsin Administrative Assistant
Maribel Zill Administrative Assistant-Health Office
Nicole Andrews Administrative Assistant
Christie London, RN Natomas Charter Nurse



Name Position Email Website
Jessica Benz Reading & Math Intervention  
Allison Perry Transition Kindergarten Website
Sarah Strazzo Kindergarten (Lead) Website
Sarah Castillo (Lack) Kindergarten Website
Sarah Phillips Kindergarten Website
Savannah Taylor Kindergarten Website
Julie Torres 1st Grade (Lead) Website
Hannah Smith 1st Grade Website
Alysia Nutting 1st Grade Website
Shannon Grover 1st Grade Website
Tarynn Rojas 2nd Grade (Lead) Website
Leslie Baughman 2nd Grade Website
Shayla Mize 2nd Grade Website
Susie Steinlein 2nd Grade Website
Johanna Caraballo 3rd Grade (Lead) Website
Brandon Her 3rd Grade Website
Danielle Monroy 3rd Grade Website
Dayna Perez 3rd Grade Website
TJ Fassler 4th Grade (Lead) Website
Jacqui Sjol 4th Grade Website
Anthony LaBella 4th Grade Website
Joel Fowler 5th Grade (Lead) Website
Scott Semple 5th Grade Website
Rita Wingfield 5th Grade Website
Emily Shane Art Website
Karen Quant Spanish Website
Elsa Ouvrard-Prettol Library Website
Chris Strazzo Library Website